W.Bro. Roy Gomes


We extend to each and every one of you a warm, sincere and fraternal welcome to our Freemasonic Lodge website.

As inquisitive individuals we draw inspiration from many venues, and we hope you find the content interesting and informative so that its insight may inspire you. Our intention is to use this site in order to dispense Masonic light and knowledge.

We will be updating the site on a regular basis, so please keep visiting for news or events. Every so often we hold Open Houses and we would like to extend an open invitation to you all.

To our brethren from other masonic lodges, you will be made most welcome at any time you wish to visit.

Join us in our many activities and events!

Doric Lodge No. 316 is celebrating its 135th year of existence in Ontario, and is experiencing a renewed interest with new members representing the future and its current members representing its heart and wisdom. We remain committed to our major purpose of living to foster the precepts of our fraternal Craft.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Bro. Roy Gomes

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